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      Ankara Fashion, which is also sometimes called West African fashion, is the product of a detailed wax-resist dyeing technique that can be used to create bold, elaborately detailed patterns in a variety of vibrant colors. Despite the name, the practice actually spread to West African through the influence of Dutch Traders, but thanks to the inherent beauty of its fabrics, it has become an enduringly popular school of fashion, and its popularity is only growing!

      Our collection of African clothing for women consists of a multitude of unique prints and cuts, with color patterns and themes to suit every season, setting and personal preference! We carry midi skirts, maxi skirts, palazzo pants, wrap dresses and blouses in addition to many other unique designs, inspired by a variety of cultural influences and trends in fashion.

      These prints draw from a deep well of creativity, with some of them taking their inspiration from native West African tribal prints and patterns in addition to modern geometric, floral and foliate patterns. Best of all, our collection features new prints and African attire every month, so check back periodically to discover new arrivals and African prints!

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      AD2297 - Advance Apparels Inc