5 Ankara Dresses to Complete Your Wardrobe

Are you looking for a new dress that has a myriad of popping colors that both accentuates and flows with your body? Then you should seriously consider the Ankara dress style. Ankara dresses are bold and vivid with West African designs. These dresses offer the wearer a stunning look that is truly enamoring and complementary.

At Advance Apparels, we have an abundance of these stunning dresses for our customers to choose from. Every one is unique in style, shape, length, and even motif, but can be worn for nearly any occasion. They’re made with 100% cotton to promote the utmost blend of style and comfort. The contrasting and vibrant colors of these particular dresses are truly jaw-dropping, comfortable, and exciting for those who are wearing them and those who are not.

What is our best Ankara dresses here at Advance Apparels? Let’s look at the top five to get a better grasp of what the offerings are so you can choose what’s right for you.

1.  Bell Sleeves Mermaid Ankara Dress

This dress is sublime for complimenting your curves while also keeping you comfortable. This one-size-fits-most dress is full length with bell sleeves and flared skirt from the knees down. It’s cinched from bustline to knees, perfectly and comfortably contouring your natural curves. The shoulders are versatile in that you can wear them either on or off your shoulders, depending on your mood and style.

This dress is stunning no matter where you flaunt it. Not only that, but it comes in eight different vibrant styles. Plus, it comes with a matching headwrap for the perfect accessory, furthering your beautiful and envious look. These dresses are only $39.99, so you can easily complete your wardrobe with this dress worry-free.

2.   Bell Sleeves Long African Print Maxi Dress

This mesmerizing full-length maxi dress is something anyone can wear while looking and feeling good. The long bell sleeves and shirred waistline allow this dress to be worn comfortably and with style: just what you’re looking for in a dress. The hugging shoulders lead to a V-neck, making this dress airy and stylish yet comfortable. A matching headwrap is included with this stunning dress and, when worn with it, pulls the look together and perfectly complements the entire outfit. The overall patchwork style of this dress and headwrap is stunning and statement-making.

3.  Medusa Off-Shoulder Ankara Cocktail Dress

Looking for something with a Rasta look and feel? You have arrived at your perfect dress. This gold and black off-shoulder dress is the optimal combination of elegance and comfort. The off-the-shoulder look perfectly displays your shoulders while providing your arms with airy bell sleeves from the wrist down. Plus, if you aren’t feeling like sporting the off-the-shoulder look, no problem. You can pull the shoulders up and over. Versatility and coziness are something this dress takes to heart.

While it of course lives up to its namesake in that it makes for a great cocktail dress, it can easily be an everyday dress as well. Whether you are going to a cocktail party or simply picking up groceries, you will both look and feel stunning. Add the included matching headwrap to your look to make an enviable fashion statement.

4.  Cold Shoulder African Print Dress

If you are on the hunt for a dress that doubles as an African mosaic, then this is just the right dress for you. Every option of design and color for this dress is unique and vibrant, ultimately providing you with plenty of choices in fashionable dresses. Each one has cold shoulders, the finest combination of showing off your shoulders with the comfort of straps for flawless wear.

The stretchy elastic waist provides you with the comfortable flaunting of your curves. The one-size-fits-all aspect is enticing for all body sizes and shapes, so you can wear something that matches you: gorgeous.

5.  Short-Sleeve Ankara Maxi Dress

Now for something with a bit less fabric and more pizzazz. Black and white floral print covered this short sleeve maxi dress. The sleeves may be short in fabric, but they’re certainly not short in style. They hug your shoulders and upper arms, then an exciting flare of fabric.

The waistline is made of stretchy elastic, making it easy to maneuver while looking and feeling your best. From the waistline down to the hem along your knees, enjoy a wide flared skirt to allow for an airy and appealing style. Practicality and style are all wrapped up in this one dress. Paired with its bold headwrap, this dress is a piece of body art that no one will be able to take their eyes off.

These five Ankara dresses may be our top picks, but we offer many more that can successfully complete your wardrobe. Feel free to browse through all of these dresses or send us an email at sales@advanceapparels.com so we can best assist you with your fashion needs!

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