7 Ways to Style Your Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Around the same time each and every year, we see a huge wave of certain styles making a comeback just as the weather starts to heat up again. Wardrobe staples like loose, flowy dresses and summer-friendly bright, colorful prints come out in full force as people drop the heavy layers of dark-colored clothing and look for something that feels more appropriate for the season. Right at the center of everything you would want in a summer outfit is the tie dye maxi dress. It combines the fun prints, vibrant colors, lightweight fabric, and loose silhouette that fits perfectly into the season, covering all the bases. We are quite proud of our tie dye fashions at Advance Apparels and love to celebrate them year-round, but we just have to acknowledge how perfect they are in the warmer months especially. So we are taking some time to discuss tie dye maxi dresses in particular and how easily they can fit into your life. With the right styling, a tie dye maxi dress can feel like the most natural thing to wear for any occasion.

Where Did Tie Dye Come From?

Although tie dye is often associated with summer festivals and the counterculture movement of the 1960s in America, it actually has a much longer, richer history than that going back centuries. Tie dye can be traced back over a thousand years ago in Asia, although similar resist dyeing techniques have appeared independently around the globe as well. Tie dye is simple in concept but can be carefully executed in many different ways. Basically, tie dye involves tying portions of fabric before dyeing it so the color sets into the exposed fabric and leaves behind undyed portions in a pattern. This process is repeated several times with different colors of dye to create the completed piece. Now with this beautiful technique for dyeing fabric, we see all kinds of garments being made in any combinations of colors. That includes, of course, many of the pieces we have here at Advance Apparels like our tie dye maxi dresses. These beautiful fabrics create fun clothing, perfect for the spring and summer seasons, so it makes sense that they would work so well for dresses.

Now with this quick rundown on tie dye fabrics in mind, let’s move forward and get into the styling. Here are a few ways that you can style a tie dye maxi dress for yourself that would fit with your personal style and the occasion. You can try all of these throughout the season or just stick to the few that fit in with your lifestyle. In any case, we wanted to offer you some inspiration for styling comfortable, cute outfits with your new tie dye maxi dress.

  1. Easy-Going

The first way that you might want to consider styling your tie dye maxi dress is as simple as possible. You can just let the dress do all the work for you and keep the details of your outfit minimal. Wear your dress with few to no accessories at all and some comfortable shoes. This could be flats, sandals, sneakers, or even barefoot if you are at home. It is all about comfort with this sort of look, so don't worry if you feel like you are not doing enough with it. On many days, you will actually be grateful for this dress and the styling of it. This is ideal for days when you need to get dresses, but do not feel like doing much of anything. Perhaps you are heading out to shop for groceries or to visit a friend at home. This kind of dress makes it easy for you to get dressed quickly, but still look and feel good.

Even if you just want to spend the day at home, you might get a lot out of this way of getting dressed. Wearing our pajamas or "lazy clothes" too often can make us feel worse over time and less like our normal selves. Even just taking a few extra seconds to slip on a nice, loose-fitting dress can completely transform the way that we feel and see ourselves. That one extra step can help you to feel better - like you took a little extra effort to take care of yourself even on a day when no one else will see you. It is good for your confidence to wear something nice, but still comfortable around the home. Whether you are running out the door quickly or spending the day inside, you will appreciate having such a beautiful, easy garment to wear.

  1. Summer Glam

When you are not spending the day at home and want to go out for some fun in the city, you can add some details to your look that makes it more daytime glamorous. It really does not have to be much and you can let the dress do most of the work for you, but you will still want to add some styling for personality. Throw on your tie dye maxi dress as the centerpiece of the outfit and have fun with accessories. There are plenty of ways that you can go about it, so you can really just start by picking up some accessories and holding them against your body to see if they fit the look you are going for. Ultimately the look you want to create is a stylish, but effortless look perfect for going out during the day with friends for lunch or to visit stores.

Elevate your casual look with some statement jewelry that matches the colors of your dress without drawing too much attention so that it overwhelms the outfit as a whole. Try some strappy sandals or wedges for a comfortable shoe that still adds a little summery attitude to your outfit. Top it all off with a cool pair of oversized sunglasses and you have a look that seems pulled together, but did not take long to create at all.

  1. Beach-Ready

Now here is an outfit that a tie dye maxi dress can lend itself well to. Maxi dresses were practically made to be the perfect beach dress since they are so flowy and comfortable. Whether or not you have a swimsuit underneath, you look like you fit right into a beach scene just with your maxi dress. The tie dye fabric also adds to the beach-friendly, colorful style that seems right at home in the summer. The next time you have plans to visit the beach or sit by the pool in style, you might want to have a cute tie dye maxi dress in your closet to bring out for just the occasion. When this opportunity does come up, you will want to accessorize for the summer sun as well as the venue. You might want to pass on the jewelry just to avoid it getting lost or damaged in the water, but you can still enjoy styling yourself with other accessories.

Wear your tie dye dress with strappy sandals, so you look stylish, but feel secure walking on sand or around water. You will want to carry a large crossbody or tote bag to store everything you need like sunscreen and a towel, so pick a bag in neutral colors to go with your outfit but not distract from it. Finally, top it all off with a large, wide brim hat and oversized sunglasses to shield your face from the sun. And just like that, you look stylish and ready for the beach.

  1. As Eveningwear

Although you may associate the tie dye maxi dress with daytime outfits, it actually works very well when styled for the evening. You just have to add a bit of sultry glamour to your styling to make it fit the part. First look for a dress that has darker, deeper colors to feel appropriate for the evening. Our tie dye dresses come in all color combinations, so you have some great options here. Then dress up the look with more formal styling like high heels (which look amazing with maxi dresses) and classic jewelry. You might also want to add a shawl to the look as a way of dressing for the cooler temperatures in the evening, but keeping the styling elevated. Just keep everything in coordinating colors and materials, and you will be ready for a night out.

  1. Layering on Top

While you may be excited to style your maxi dress in a more glamorous way before going out, you might also be interested in a more casual style. This does not mean dressing minimally for the sake of convenience as we mentioned above, but dressing in a more toned-down way to match your mood or personal style. Instead of statement jewelry and bold sunglasses, you might prefer something more cozy and subdued. Layering your dress with cardigans, sweaters, and blouses could be a good way to go if you want that. Throw an oversized cardigan or lightweight sweater on top of your dress for a more autumnal look that will bring your summer-friendly maxi dress into the next season. Accessorize with autumn staples like boots, sheer scarves, tights, or hats to complete the look. This is a great look when you want the effortless nature of a maxi dress, but don't feel like exposing much skin. It is also a great way to dress when the weather begins to cool down a bit but still feels warm enough for a dress.

  1. Paired with Pants

Fashion risk-takers might be curious about wearing their maxi dresses a little differently than they are used to. Wearing a pair of pants underneath your dress is a fun style that we see popping up on high fashion runways around the globe. It can be like a breath of fresh air to see people really having fun with their clothes and trying new things. Even if you do not think of yourself as being super style-savvy, you can still enjoy experimenting with your wardrobe and seeing what silhouettes work for you. Add a pair of neutral-colored pants under your maxi dresses and go out with all the confidence of a runway model. You just might surprise yourself.

  1. Double Down on Tie Dye

If you are in search of some new tie dye dresses to wear, you are probably a fan of this dyeing technique already. If you are, then you might want to try out this styling tip for your maxi dresses. Go all the way with the tie dye aesthetic and layer up using tie dye fabrics. Add a jacket, sweater, shoes, or any kind of accessories that feature tie dye in the design. It is a fun way of styling yourself that says you enjoy trying new things and are not afraid of layering patterns. Try to go for tie dye patterns in different colors so they can play off of each other well in a chic, cool way.

With just the right styling, you can transform a single garment into countless different styles of outfits. A simple tie dye maxi dress can become your go-to piece for dressing yourself in the summer. It works so well because of how great it is on its own, but also for how well it works with other clothes and accessories. It is a lightweight dress that is super comfortable for moving around in without worrying about your skirt being too short or being blown upward. You can relax and move around in it freely while staying cool. The fabric alone is fun and endearing, fitting in perfectly this time of year. When you bring the shape and fabric together, you have a beautiful garment that is simple enough to style in many different ways, but interesting enough to stand on its own. It just makes a great addition to your wardrobe overall and we can definitely recommend getting at least one for yourself to start styling in different ways and experimenting with if this sort of dress is new in your closet. We have lots of styles for you to choose from, so take your time looking over all of your options and having some fun with them. At the very least, you have some ideas for how you can style your new tie dye maxi dress.

Of course, if you have any questions about our tie dyeing process, maxi dresses, or any other styles, we are always here to help. Just send us a message at sales@advanceapparels.com and we will get back to you right away.

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