Best Tie Dye Women’s Clothing Options

There is one print that brings joy and ease to nearly everyone and has done so for decades: tie dye. Tie dye started in the mid-1960’s, but continues strong today over 55 years later. This pattern is so special because it is so vibrant, eye-catching, and relaxing to admire. Plus, it’s usually paired with soft and comfortable clothing items, from headbands to dresses, making it one of the most enjoyable prints in fashion.

We know the power of the tie dye and harness it well just for you. At Advance Apparels, we have a wide range of tie dye women’s clothing available. Our apparel is dyed by professional artisans in India. Every piece is handcrafted by these artisans, ensuring individuality and authenticity. They are all inspected for quality assurance before hitting the store and landing safely in your wardrobe. All of our tie dye garments cater to you, your style, comfort, and environment. We believe tie dye is a staple for any and all wardrobes, so we take pride in providing the best for our customers.

There are an abundance of styles with the wonderful tie dye print, but it can be difficult to know which ones are best for you. It begs the question: what are the best tie dye women’s clothing options we offer? Let’s take a deeper dive into each one.


Nothing is worse than purchasing a bland blouse that hugs you in places you don’t want or simply doesn’t compliment the glorious body underneath it. Fortunately, we don’t have those kinds of blouses. All of our blouses, but especially our tie-dyes, focus on color, style, and comfort and they hit the nail on the head every single time.

Each tie dye blouse we create is done so individually so that you can wear a blouse that emanates who you are: a unique individual. They also come in plenty of different colors, but also styles. Ruffle-bottom, shoulder cut-outs, cap sleeves-- you name it, we got it. You could even get different prints, like pineapples and seashells. They’re all made with your comfort in mind, so no need to fear the dreaded too-tight blouses.

On top of all that, all of our tie dye blouses can be worn in plenty of settings, from lounging on the sofa to a night out on the town. No matter the occasion, you can emit high vibrations, look good, and feel comfortable all at the same time.


Sometimes, you just need to get rid of those constricting sleeves completely, especially on those smoldering hot summer days. But, just because you get rid of the sleeves doesn’t mean you have to get rid of style. All of our tank-tops are quite similar to our blouses in terms of the individual craftsmanship, colors, and styles. All of the options you could ever want in a top remain, but they just so happen to lack those pesky sleeves!

Our tie-dye tank-tops are made with 100% rayon. Rayon provides the wearers of these tank-tops with the utmost comfort and breathability. No matter the temperature or even the environment you find yourself in, wearing any one of our tank-tops will provide you with the perfect combination of style, comfort, mobility, and pizzazz.


If you are looking for something to simply drape on top of your shoulders that is the perfect duo of style and comfort, then look no further: our ponchos are here. Our organically-designed ponchos are made with tencel, which means they are some of the most comfortable and environmentally-friendly ponchos imaginable. They are thigh-length and come in three pastel shades of pink, blue, and green.

Another added bonus is that these are one size fits most, so you don’t even have to go through the effort of finding yours and they will fit plus sizes comfortably (like all of our garments, for that matter!). No matter your size, this poncho will undoubtedly compliment you and your beautiful body well!


Along the note of draping a fine garment over your shoulders, we also have classic cover-ups in tie dye! We offer these cover-ups in several styles, one of which being the beach cover-up. Wearing this cover-up is perfect for wearing at the beach or anywhere you like! It comes in six colors to match any mood, setting, or style.

Another popular cover-up we offer is our kimono. This kimono also comes in six beautiful color options, but it is excellent for covering up any outfit you have. Whether you want to add a simple splash of color or style to your outfit, or if you genuinely want to cover-up because of a sudden chill, this kimono is just for you. It is definitely a must-have for your tie dye collection.


There is nothing like finding the right dress that compliments you, but that is especially true with finding the right tie dye dress. Luckily, we have plenty of different styles of tie dye dresses to choose from.

Classic Tie-Dye Dresses

Naturally, we have to start with the classic tie-dye dresses. We have several styles of these dresses, like tube, wrap, beach, sleeveless, cap sleeve, and so on. The greatest aspect of these dresses is that they can be worn on nearly any occasion, whether casually or not. You can wear them when you are cleaning around the house, going to the beach, or when you go out for the evening with friends. They are just that comfortable and versatile! You cannot go wrong with having one-- or more than one-- of these classic dresses.

Umbrella Tie-Dye Dresses

These dresses are aptly named, as they open like an umbrella at the bottom, providing the most eloquent combination of airy and comfort. Every one of these fine dresses comes in six unique and gorgeous colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from to match your personality, event, and style.

The umbrella style dresses have various different titles, like a-line, trapeze, and cabana. No matter what you call them, the idea is still the same: they are the epitome of style and comfort all wrapped up into one garment. When sporting one of these expressive tie dye women’s clothing items, you will match its essence, as you, too, will feel light and airy. Can you imagine a better feeling from a dress during a brutally warm summer day?

There are numerous umbrella dresses available-- approximately 158! You can even further filter these number of products by 25 styles/designs, and tie dye is just one of them. You can shop for the classic tie dye pattern umbrella dress, such as this one, or you could go for something more stylish, like this sleeveless retro ombre dress with fringes. Or, if you’re simply not feeling tie dye, feel free to browse our many other styles. No matter what dress you choose, you’ll be undoubtedly happy you chose it.

Maxi Dresses

No wardrobe is complete without at least one beautiful maxi dress in it. Our tie dye maxi dresses are definitely a mandatory piece for your wardrobe as well because, much like everything else we offer, they are individually made, are comfortable, eye-catching, and stylish. They can be worn in any setting and occasion, so you can always feel beautiful and cozy no matter what.

On top of those already enticing points, our maxi dresses can be worn in multiple ways, so they are extremely versatile. Wear them just as they are, but style them with cute strappy sandals, sneakers, or even heels, if you so chose. Want to wear jeans with them just to change things up? You most certainly can! You can even layer up this dress by wearing a sweater, cardigan, or even a poncho (could even be a tie dye poncho because why not!). This is especially a viable option during the cooler months. Our maxi dresses are appropriate for any season and any month, as they can be lightweight for the summer, but provide coverage and warmth during the winter and other colder months, especially when paired up with a sweater.

Two-Piece Sets

Who doesn’t like buying a garment that can be worn as it was intended, but also mixed and matched? Our two-piece sets come in a variety of patterns and styles, one of which is tie-dye. These sets come with a blouse and a pair of airy and breezy pants or skirt. However, once again, not one of these sets is identical to any other; they are all individually made.

Some of our sets even have blouses that are of varying styles, like crocheted, organic, crop top, tank-top, and much more. You can then feel the freedom to wear these cute, fashionable, and cozy tops with the bottoms they came with or any other bottoms you already have in your wardrobe.

Just like the tops, the bottoms in the two-piece sets vary, too. They could come in pants of different styles, like palazzo, double layered, and beach. Not only do some come with pants, but others come with various types of skirts, like lengthy two-slits.

No matter your choice in tie dye two-piece sets, you won’t be sorry, as they all are breathable, comfortable, and mix-and-match-able!

Jumpers and Rompers

Looking for an all-in-one garment that’s comfortable and tie-dye patterned while being a breeze to put on and take off? You have found your perfect pieces: our jumpers and rompers. All of our jumpers and rompers are indeed cozy and breathable like all of our other garments, but add an extra layer of style and suavity.

We have these beautiful items in a variety of tie-dye colors and patterns, but also materials. For example, we have one jumper that’s made of spandex and comes in three different yet vibrant colors. But the best part about this jumper in particular? It has pockets! Everyone knows the luxury of pockets in any clothing item for women, so obviously that was necessary to mention. One item, all the options and convenience.

Sustainable Wear

We care about the environment and realize that clothing production can take a massive toll on it. The clothing industry alone has made an irreversible and negative impact on our Earth, our only home, but we want to help change that. We strive to make sure that our garments leave a minimal footprint, from production to purchase. That’s where our sustainable tie dye dresses come in, specifically our Ananta line.

Our Ananta line is created with organic vegetable dye and sustainable materials. We specifically use a material called Tencel, which is made from recycled plant materials, and nothing else. Because of this material and the eco-friendly process we use, our clothing creation makes our footprint miniscule, making the wearer and designer happier and healthier.

Our Ananta line is bound to bring you joy, comfort, and ease-- both when purchasing and wearing it. We know how important being kind is to the Earth, but we also know we all need great clothes to live. We combined the two and we are proud of it. Our Ananta line has tons of different garments to choose from: blouses, dresses, two-pieces, tank-tops, jumpers, rompers-- everything aforementioned in this blog post!

These sustainable garments are generally the best for moisture and temperature control, so they are perfect for warmer months and climates. They provide the most usage and comfort on the beach, walking around the town in summer, traveling to new and warmer places, or even sitting indoors to escape the heat. These garments are also lighter in color, making them even cooler as they don’t attract the sun as darker colors do.

Our tie dye collection is undeniably abundant and can seem overwhelming. However, now that you know all of our tie dye women’s clothing offerings, you are one step closer to finding the perfect tie dye piece! If you have any questions or comments for us, please feel free to email us at and we are more than happy to help! So, which tie dye piece is calling your name?

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