Everything You Want to Know About Batik Dresses

You may have fallen in love with batik dresses and other batik fashions long before you ever knew what they were called. They are immediately eye-catching and draw you in closer for a better look. After seeing them around every so often, you may have become a bit more curious about this interesting style and wanted to see more of it in your own life. As you consider introducing batik fashions into your wardrobe, you might want to learn a little bit more about it and the role it could play in your life. With our long-standing relationship with batik fashions at Advance Apparels, we have come to know and love this beautiful fabric and are always excited about sharing that with others. So sit tight as we explore the beauty of batik dresses from the fabric to the styling.

Where Does Batik Fabric Come From?

Before we can go off discussing batik fashions and styling, we should first take a look at the fabric and see what defines it. We should see what makes batik and what makes it so special.

Batik fabric is made by utilizing wax and negative space in dyeing fabric. Craftsmen will apply wax to the fabric they are working with in the design of what they would like to see as the final result. After setting down the wax, they then submerge the fabric in dye to give the fabric its overall color. The wax is dye-resistant and will not allow the fabric underneath to take on the added color, so it remains the same. Once the fabric has fully taken to the dye, it can undergo a wash to remove the wax, revealing the dyed pattern underneath. That is batik in its simplest form, however, skilled artisans can add layers of dye to the fabric as they work, creating a more complex and visually striking look in the end. Those who fully understand this process of dyeing can manipulate the fabric and dyes to transform simple material into something extraordinary. The final product is a beautifully dyed fabric with areas of negative space used to create a design.

This method or technique of dyeing fabric can be traced back centuries, possibly thousands of years ago to the eastern parts of Asia and around Indonesia. At first, it was commonly practiced by the royals and aristocrats before reaching a wider audience. After being practiced there for a long time, trade allowed other countries to discover this particular dyeing technique to either purchase the garments or learn the method for themselves. Over time, this dyeing method would become more commonly seen in other parts of the world and can now be seen and enjoyed just about anywhere you look. Advancements in technology and machinery have also allowed us to create batik styles more efficiently and on a larger scale so that they have become much more accessible over time. Now we see batik in garments of different styles and silhouettes, allowing everyone to find something they like in beautiful batik fabric.

What Kinds of Batik Designs Are There?

The designs created using the batik dyeing method can vary greatly from craftsman to craftsman. It all comes down to what the artist is trying to create. To put it simply, there are endless possibilities for batik designs. The only limit is the imagination. That is how we have come so far using this impressive dyeing technique in so many different ways over time. As we have mentioned above, when creating patterns and designs using this method, the craftsmen are able to decide the design they want to work with and layer colors of dye as they go along to create the effect they want. From choosing the colors of dye to carefully creating the design in wax, batik gives the creators a great deal of control.

With the development of technology, we are able to create a diverse range of styles using batik in our manufacturing facilities. Considering the various colors and designs that can be used to create batik garments, it is no wonder that people from all walks of life have been able to find batik garments that they love and wear often. The designs are as diverse as the people who love and wear them. As beautiful as they are alone, what truly makes these garments come to life is being worn and enjoyed. We are glad to be able to provide so many options of designs for everyone to find their perfect match.

Why Batik Dresses Are Great to Own

With all of this newfound interest and appreciation for batik fabrics, you might be left wondering how you can integrate them into your active wardrobe. You do not necessarily want to buy something just for the sake of having it with no intention of actually wearing it regularly. You want to have clothing that you like to look at, but like to wear even more. So how can you work batik fabrics into your wardrobe naturally so that you actually wear them often and gladly? One way you can wear these fabrics regularly is in the form of dresses.

Batik dresses are incredibly easy to wear and make a great addition to one's daily wardrobe. As dresses, these fabrics are comfortable and easy to style so you can wear them differently for a wide range of occasions. Their versatility contributes to just how wearable these garments are. You do not have to worry about keeping a dress around because you simply fell in love with the design. Their versatility makes it so that they are quite easy to style so you feel comfortable with how you look. While batik fabrics can be used to create many different types of clothes, they are really able to shine when they are featured as dresses. This is because dresses are ideal for putting the fabric on display. With dresses, you are able to get a very clear look at the fabric and show off its beauty and design. This is likely the best way to enjoy the fabric while dressing nicely and appropriately for the occasion.

Styling Batik Dresses

After describing to you just how amazing batik fabric and batik dresses are, it only seemed appropriate to offer a bit of guidance when it comes to styling the dresses you choose. We decided to detail how you might want to wear your batik dresses for any given occasion, so you can feel confident in wearing one when the time comes. Perhaps you were considering getting some batik dresses for one or more of these occasions in particular. Or you might have wanted a dress but did not know when you would wear it. In either case, we have some ideas to make the styling process easier for you, so you can wear your dresses with only the utmost confidence.

Around the Home

Even when you are just spending the day indoors, you can still put on something nice to make yourself feel more pulled together. You do not need to impress anyone but yourself, so even when you are the only one there, you can dress a little bit nicer to feel good about yourself for your own sake. As nice as these dresses might look, they are absolutely comfortable, so you are not compromising anything when you wear them around the home. Just wear a cute dress you feel comfortable in and keep everything else simple. You do not have to add on any accessories or style your hair any way in particular. This is meant to be ultra-comfortable and relaxed so you can feel good on your days off. Whether you are moving around the house cleaning up or spending your free time in front of the television, you can feel good about what you are wearing.

Daytime Casual

A step above dressing to be in your home is dressing to go out casually for the day. You want to look a little bit nicer than if you were just in your home, but you are not trying to be too fussy about your appearance. Comfort and looks both matter in this situation. For days like these, you will want to wear something that you can move around in easily. A good part of your day could be spent running errands, so consider getting a shorter batik dress and wearing it with leggings underneath. You get to move around freely as you go from place to place without feeling restricted in the least. Wear some comfortable, supportive shoes for all of your activities throughout the day, and keep your accessories simple. You want to look good and feel even better.

Date Night 

Here is where things get a little bit more exciting as far as accessorizing goes. The next time you go out for the evening or to dinner, you want to look your best. For nights like these, batik dresses can help you dress up for the night. While these dresses have a great reputation for being easy to wear casually during the daytime, they are also versatile enough to be worn for the evening. You might want to pick out a shorter, sexier dress that will show off a little more skin and wear some cute heels. You have a wide range of colors to choose from, but for a date night look, you will probably want to stick to darker colors like black, red, or rich plum. Don’t forget your jewelry. Some drop earrings and a bracelet should be enough to not overwhelm the look. Just like that, you are ready for a night in the town.

Beach Dresses

Some people feel like batik dresses make the perfect beach or summer dresses, and we cannot argue with that. Because of the lightweight fabric, these dresses are easy to wear in warm weather while staying cool. The fun designs of the fabric make them feel at home by the beach where the atmosphere is so much more relaxed. Whenever you have plans to sit poolside, visit a beach, or even just head out during the summer months, you definitely want to throw on a cute, fresh batik dress for the occasion. Perhaps the best call would be a light-colored maxi dress. They are so easy to move around in and the length of the dress gives off romantic, carefree vibes that are so perfect for summer. You do not need much in the way of accessories. Just grab some oversized sunglasses, hoop earrings, and a large bag to carry around and you should be all set.

Party Dresses

Last but not least, we have a fun and flirty party look. The beautiful designs of batik fit right in to festive scenes and look great on your party dresses. You might want something cute and fun, so check out shorter dresses first and see what strikes a chord in your heart. What matters here is that you are having fun so dress how you please. Wear what makes you feel great and have a good time.

We have such a strong appreciation for batik fashions here at www.aashopusa.com, that we just could not help but share that with others. It is an incredible fabric design that has captured the hearts of many around the globe, including ours. That is why we are so proud to offer so much diversity in batik styles. We like being able to present so many different versions of batik styles because it shows off so much of what this fabric can do, while also giving people more options to find something to fall in love with. There are beautiful batik dresses that work with so many occasions and circumstances, you can find one for any purpose you have in mind. Take some time to look over our selection of batik dresses and see which ones stand out to you the most. You just might be able to find something for every day of the week.

Keep in mind that you can always reach out to us if you have any questions about sizing, our garments, or the fabrics used to make them. Reach out to us through email at sales@advanceapparels.com and we will be more than happy to help you out with anything you might want to know.

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