Showing Love for Tie Dye Women’s Clothing

In case you couldn’t tell by our wide selection of tie dye women’s clothing, at Advance Apparels, we are big fans of tie dye fabric. In whatever form it takes, we love this dyeing technique for all of the life and joy it provides a garment. The clothing that you wear can play a huge role in setting your mood for the day and we firmly believe that the right tie dye women’s clothing can start you off on the right foot with its cheerful, fun colors and designs. If your only point of reference for tie dye clothing is a rainbow T-shirt, then we have a lot to show you about this pattern. There is much more to it than only one or two examples can give you, so you may want to delve into the world of tie dye with us and see everything that it has to offer you and your personal style.

How Did Tie Dye Come About?

Let’s start at the very beginning. Tie dye as a form of hand dyeing fabric has a long and beautiful history that many do not know about. The earliest records we have of it being used go back over a thousand years ago in Asia. As time progressed, we saw this technique popping up in different countries around the world before it eventually reached the United States. It was at this point that the technique began to be seen in a new light. Since it is an easy way to dye fabrics and make beautiful designs for clothing and decorations, it became more popular among young people and participants of the counterculture in the ‘60s. Tie dye was associated with creativity, freedom, and inspiration and ultimately became the common dye pattern we see in fashion today.

Tie Dye Blouses

When it comes to versatility in tie dye women’s clothing, blouses give you the most to work with. Separates are great for styling in all sorts of different ways because you can easily layer pieces and add to the look to completely transform a single item. With just a tie dye blouse, you can make office-ready outfits with a pair of slacks and a blazer or cardigan to keep the print subdued. Tie dye does not need to be done with bright colors only. You can wear a tie dye blouse with more muted colors to make it more subtle for the workplace. For more casual outings, try a tie dye tank top with a pair of jeans or pants in a matching color. Play around with the colors as much as you want in these situations when your outfit is just for you.

Tie Dye Dresses

Our tie dye dresses give you lots of comfort and freedom of movement just when you need it. Take a relaxing trip to the beach or a walk in the park in a loose-fitting umbrella dress with a fun design all over. This sort of low-maintenance, effortless way of dressing is good for days when you don’t feel like arranging an outfit out of separates and deciding which blouse you want to wear with which skirt. It’s a one-piece garment that makes getting dressed a quick process before heading out the door. Move around freely and easily in an oversized loose-fitting dress and have fun with it in a tie-dye print.

Tie Dye Jumpers

Similar to the dresses, but in a completely different silhouette, tie dye jumpers are another easy-to-wear garment that is perfect for a sort of last-minute, running-out-the-door kind of look. With a tie dye jumper, you can do a bit with layering though, if you choose to wear it more like a pant. Wear one over a shirt or with a cozy cardigan or sweater on top to match the weather. Despite its reputation, tie dye women’s clothing does not need to be limited to the warmer seasons. This is something you can enjoy all year round.

With all of these examples of tie dye women’s clothing, we hope that you now have a better understanding of this dyeing technique and where it might fit into your life. You might see yourself throwing on a tie dye beach dress or jumper for a warm summer day. Maybe you’re fully convinced and plan on wearing some beautiful tie dye blouses to work from now on. We just hope that if you did not love this pattern before, that you will at least have a better appreciation for it now. Advance Apparels is no stranger to prints and patterns, and tie dye is no exception to this. We are glad to show it some love and have so much to offer others who wear the pattern every day or only once in a while. Show the world how you wear your tie dye.

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