Tips for Choosing Your Ideal African Wear for Women

In our experience, people are often immediately drawn to African wear for women and African print clothing in general. It is no surprise considering how this type of clothing perfectly utilizes and plays off of color and pattern. It is in its own lane and feels different from other types of prints and textiles out there. People are drawn into color and are inspired by it, so we often see people feeling lured in by African print clothing, even when it was clothing they never considered for themselves before. In these cases, they will excitedly receive their clothing and begin wearing it right away, but will be limited in their styling. They may know that they want to wear these pieces, but they do not know where to begin exactly. We want to see people wearing their African fashions freely and happily, so of course we want to help in any way that we can to make African wear for women seem more approachable and easy to wear for anyone. So, here's our advice for anyone looking to slip into some African print fabric and change up their style. If any of the points below feel like they apply to you, then you should have an idea of which pieces to add to your wardrobe and how you might want to wear them.

New to Prints?

Not everyone has an expansive wardrobe filled with prints and patterns of all kinds. Some people tend to wear solid-colored clothing most often and just stick to that because it is simple and easy to pull off. That being said, we understand the hesitancy that many people have before purchasing bold prints, including those found in African wear for women. It can be a bit intimidating for those who are not used to wearing patterns of any kind. However, it is worth noting that patterns are much easier to wear than you might have thought. They are easy to style more subtly, especially when layering or wearing solid-colored clothing, so the print will provide some visual intrigue to your outfit, but not leave you feeling like you are wearing a bright neon sign. It adds a little something to your outfit, but not too much. Just focus on the pattern being the center of the outfit you are wearing and focus on using colors that are already in the design of the print so that it all comes together nicely. This might be a great opportunity for you to step out of the box a bit and try new things for yourself. After wearing these kinds of pieces for a little while, you tend to forget you are even wearing a print and it begins to feel completely natural. And just like that, you’ve opened up your potential to wear so many new kinds of styles that you were too shy to wear previously.

Switch Up Your Pants

This is advice that we find ourselves giving all the time, but only because we know that it resonates with so many people. For many women, especially those who prefer not to wear skirts or dresses too often, pants are an everyday staple piece in your wardrobe. These are the items you rely on the most to keep you dressed on a daily basis. But many will end up feeling bored with their style as a result. The easiest things to wear are arguably black pants and blue jeans, for good reason. They are so easy to wear that sometimes you might feel like that is all you wear. You pick out a different blouse and wear the same kinds of pants every day, which can get a bit repetitive and boring. If you feel like this is what your style has come to, you might want to switch things up and try new styles of pants. Our Ankara pants provide you with lots of options for color and style, so you can pick out a few pairs that seem like they would make a nice addition to your closet and fill in some gaps in the styles you currently wear. Give yourself the freedom to try new things and you might be excited by what you find and learn about your tastes.

Easy Skirts & Dresses

For those who do feel more comfortable in skirts and dresses, we have lots of fun, exciting options of things you can wear that will keep you feeling confident in your style. African wear for women is well known for its variety of skirts and dresses that can easily be worn for all kinds of occasions, just depending on which designs you choose and how you like to style them. Our African print dresses are so comfortable and easy to throw on quickly, they quickly become an everyday favorite for many. Our African skirts are also well-loved for offering so much flexibility in terms of styling. You can make any piece work for you, for any time of day or plan. Pick your favorite patterns and shop for your new go-to pieces.

With all of these pieces as options right at your fingertips, it is up to you to determine which pieces exactly would make a good fit in your closet. You want to choose pieces that you love to look at and have on your body, as well as pieces you wear often for work, special occasions, or casual outings. We just want to make sure that you are happy with your items from Advance Apparels so that you get lots of use out of them and love your purchase. We hope that this helps you to make the right decisions for yourself so you have the clothing you want to wear. If you need or want any more help in shopping with us, please feel free to ask us any questions you might have regarding our African wear for women or any other print styles we have. We are always here for our customers and anyone interested in expanding their style to make room for African prints.

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