Why Are African Fashion Trends So Popular?

African clothes are swiftly taking over the world of fashion on a global level. They are being accepted and celebrated equally be it on the runways, African clothing stores, or the wardrobes. They have carved their own space in the fast-paced and ever-changing fashion industry. African textiles, prints, and textures have created their individual space in the world market and are being adopted by more and more people, designers, and fashion enthusiasts. 

The ever-increasing popularity of African dresses for women can be credited to the authenticity and vibrancy that they bring to the table, they provide a welcoming distraction from the widespread contemporary Western fashion and feel like a breeze of fresh air. Another noteworthy thing about African print dress is that it not only offers refreshing color palettes and patterns but also provides diverse styles and dress patterns. It would not be wrong to quote here that African clothes offer a whole new range of enticing wearables, that are exquisite and diverse in every manner. 

So, let us closely analyze the diversity, cultural impressions, and influences that African clothing holds in the domain of fashion.  

Cultural Impact of African Fashion on the World

  • Emphasis on Inclusion
  • The free-flowing nature of almost every African print dress makes it inclusive for every body shape and size. People or most importantly women who do not feel as confident in other dress styles, can feel comfortable and confident in African dresses for women. The fact that African print dresses complement the body of every woman makes African dresses the most inclusive yet versatile fashion choice for women of all body shapes and sizes. In a way, African clothing has inspired the global market to be more inclusive for the diverse body ranges. 

  • An inclination toward natural fabrics
  • When people have wardrobes full of clothes made from synthetic fabrics, African dresses for women made of natural fibers bring a welcoming change for the wearer. It also makes a woman feel comfortable and light by rendering breathability to the skin. Moreover, it has refueled the trend of wearing light, natural, and sustainable fabrics on a global level. 

  • Popularity of traditional weaving patterns
  • The proud African designers and artisans are constantly striving to revive and evolve the traditional African weaves. They are dedicated to bringing them to the forefront, and it could be easily concluded that they have been successful so far as authentic African weaves and dresses have their share in the clothing market. However, there is still a greater scope of development in the market for authentically woven African print dresses. 

  • Use of bold and vibrant prints
  • The popularity of African fashion has also popularized the trend of wearing bold and vibrant prints. Many women have started layering up their solid outfits with shawls, scarves, and blazers containing African prints to add an edge or statement touch to their look. However, there is a whole range of women who have massively added African print dresses to their wardrobe for everyday as well as occasional wear. 

    The overall influence of the African prints and styles has greatly impacted the outfit choices of women all over the world. They not only find African Print Dresses suitable for casual occasions but also wear them to special ones, like to the office, parties, formal events, and family gatherings. The African dresses make women become the head turners wherever they go, which makes it important to enlist the different African dresses, styles, and patterns that are gaining significant attention on the global runway. 

    From Ankara to Kente: The Diversity of African Fashion

    Here we are enlisting some of the best and most popular African dress patterns, that are continuously enjoying the attention and reverence of people from every part of the world. 

  • Ankara
  • Ankara or African wax prints are one of the most popular patterns and have taken the culture and heritage of Africa to every part of the world. The Ankara print and pattern can be easily found in African clothing stores as well as the couture of well-known designers in the form of dresses, robes, scarves, bags, and even jewelry. 

  • Dashiki
  • It is a colorful upper-body garment that has stepped outside of Africa as both formal and informal attire alternative. However, people, especially women all over the world prefer to wear Dashiki in an informal loose-fitted manner.  

  • Kitenge
  • Kitenge is a vibrant as well as versatile piece of fabric popular in Africa and beyond. It is worn by women in multiple ways be it as an African print dress, a sarong, or as a headscarf. You can easily find attires, accessories, and other wearables made of Kitenge fabric on online African clothing stores. 

  • Kente
  • Kente is yet another popular African print that is excessively loved inside and outside of Africa. The vibrant color and the intriguing patterns make every wearer look extremely attractive and outstanding. 

  • Head Scarf
  • The popularity of the African head scarf has made it needless to emphasize upon the style quotient and cultural annotations that it offers. It is one of the most popular accessories and styles that have gained immense love and acceptance in the global fashion market. 

  • Adire or Tie Dye
  • The wardrobe of women all over the world is full of tie-dye dresses, scarves, shirts, and more, without even knowing or realizing the origin of its emergence. Adire or Tie-Dye is an African print that is created by dyeing the fabric in different patterns. It is inarguably the most widespread African print in the world. 

  • Shweshwe
  • Shweshwe is a beautiful African fabric, consisting of colorful geometrical patterns. It can be commonly found in the dresses and designs of various international designers and fashion houses. 

  • Kikoy
  • It is one of the most versatile African prints and fabrics, as it is not only used globally for making African dresses for women but also for making sofa covers, rugs, beach towels, mats, scarves, bedsheets, tablecloths, and a lot more. The versatility of Kikoy comes from its subtlety and simplicity. 

    The sustainability and socio-economic evolution of African Fashion

    Contemporary African designers are continuously making efforts to evolve African fashion and make the world adopt it into their wardrobes and lives as sustainable clothing options. The fact that African dresses for women mostly rely on natural fabrics and are woven and dyed through environment-friendly methods makes it one of the most sustainable clothing varieties for the people, and moreover for the planet. 

    Moreover, they also aim to use it as a medium to elevate the socio-economic condition of the traditional weavers and manufacturers of African fabrics by bringing their weaves, prints, and works to the forefront of the fashion world. The increasing demand and popularity of African print dresses directly translate into the economic upliftment of the traditional weavers. 

    Concluding Thoughts!

    African fashion is exceptionally vibrant, diverse, stunning, and appealing. They not only make a woman presentable but also enhance their personality and individuality. 

    So, if you are also fascinated and enchanted by the attractiveness of African dresses for women and want to source some of the best pieces for your wardrobe from an authentic African clothing store, you can confidently rely on AA Shop USA to get the most versatile collection of African print dresses, skirts, and more. 

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