How to Style Your Batik Dresses

Sometimes we see a beautiful garment or accessory and immediately fall in love with it for all that it has to offer. Everything from the shape to the colors and materials used just rings out and resonates with you in a way that not many things have before. It is always exciting to find something like this that really makes your heart feel lifted and gets you ready to have it in your life. Often, this sort of discovery takes a strange turn. Once you do have this beautiful garment in your possession, you might not know what to do with it, which is the unfortunate part. You love the way that it looks, but you aren't actually sure of how to wear it or what it can be paired with. In a lot of these cases, people will end up finding one way to wear it that they stick to for a while, and the garment is really just there to be admired from the closet. The best part about having clothing we love is being able to wear it often. If you love it that much, you should wear it as much as you like and enjoy yourself as you do.

Having multiple ways of styling the individual piece keeps it fresh so that it feels new every time you wear it. We occasionally see this happen to people who purchase a print or more specifically batik dresses. They are taken in by the pattern, colors, silhouette, and overall feeling of a dress, but then are not sure of how to wear it once they have their dress. They might even fall into that habit of wearing it only one simple way without expanding beyond, despite it being a versatile garment with immense potential. We wouldn't want to experience the same struggle of not knowing how to style your batik dresses, and ultimately wearing them only on the odd occasion. We love and appreciate every one of our pieces here at Advance Apparels and want to see each of them go to an owner who also appreciates them and gets great use out of them. To help you figure out the styling for yourself, we have come up with a few basic ideas for how you can wear your new batik dresses. Each one of these is just meant to give you some inspiration, so you can take notes from them and create your version of each style.

Relaxed & Casual

The easiest and probably most intuitive way to wear batik dresses is to keep them as simple and fresh as possible. This sort of styling will work best on days when you want to feel super comfortable in what you are wearing and do not have any plans that make you feel like you need to dress up. For this kind of outfit, you can pass on most accessories and just keep things down to your dress and some comfortable shoes. This is a great way to dress casually while still looking nice because of the dress's design.

Daytime Chic

This way of styling sort of builds on what we got from the previous option. You can use your dress as the base or center point of your look and add more accessories to take things up a notch and make it feel more stylized. Play around with your hair and makeup and create a complete look that makes you feel stunning for any daytime occasion.

Beach Or Poolside

Batik or other styles of print dresses make perfect looks for beach-ready outfits. Whether you are hitting up the pool or taking the trip over to the shore, you can get ready in style with a batik dress, paired up with the right accessories like a wide-brimmed hat, protective sunglasses, shoes that are easy to walk in, and chunky bohemian jewelry that you remember to set aside before going in the water.

Evening Attire

While batik dresses initially seem like daytime pieces, they soon show that they are versatile enough to be worn at all hours day and night. A longer batik dress with a darker, richer color story fits right into the evening when styled with heels and elegant, minimal jewelry. Matching shawls or large scarves make an excellent layering piece as well that brings your dress into the evening more naturally as well.

Once you get your perfect, ideal batik dresses in your hands, we hope that you will feel confident of how you will wear them and excited to start creating outfits with them right away. We love each of our garments at Advance Apparels and just want others to experience that same feeling with the pieces they choose to bring into their lives. Start picking out the batik dresses you want to create looks with and imagine how you will feel stepping out into the world in all the outfits you style.

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