Acid Wash Blouses

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      While some of us have grown past the edgy acid wash jeans look from the 1980s, some have kept the spirit alive and well, and for good reason. Acid wash clothing is not just cool and edgy, but it is also fun and easy to wear in all sorts of clothing. You can easily pull off acid wash styles in lots of different outfits, just by choosing the design that best matches what you are looking for. We just love to experiment with styles and play around with any sort of print, pattern, or technique that comes to mind.

      After playing around with different techniques for manipulating fabrics, we realized that there was so much more that we could be doing with acid wash than many people realized. That is how we discovered the incredible versatility of this method for treating fabric and we got to work creating fun, effortless designs of Acid Wash Blouses that were easy to wear. Even with a single glance, you can tell that this sort of clothing is not only easy to wear daily, but it is also cute and flattering. You can easily add these to your everyday wardrobe and enjoy wearing your acid wash blouses with any sort of outfit. We have come a long way from spilling bleach on our old jeans, and the results we see today are well worth it.

      Renaissance or Celtic clothing has really mastered the acid wash fabric and taken this one accidental trend much further into a lifestyle category. Renaissance Blouses have become a staple for those attending annual Celtic fairs, while Renaissance Dresses have become a regular part of layered Fall outfits.

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