Introducing ANANTA— A Chic and Sustainable Clothing Line For Women

Introducing ANANTA— A Chic and Sustainable Clothing Line For Women

Sustainable fashion, the popular new ‘it’ phrase on the minds and lips of many, is now synonymous with stylish womenswear. Equally great for the environment and pretty to look at, it’s no wonder that sustainable clothing is continuously making its way into our hearts and our closets. 

Addicting in a weird sort of way, once you hop on the bandwagon of buying sustainable fashion, often also referred to as organic clothing, it’s hard to jump off. There’s something oddly satisfying about knowing the history of your garments. Knowing that your cute new tee isn’t the result of an ugly production process and that it’s made free of irritating chemicals is something new to ponder, and we’re into it.

Fast fashion, clothing produced at lightning fast speed and sold for super cheap, is the exact opposite of sustainable fashion, and with fast fashion, ethics and the environment are an afterthought at the very most. While fast fashion has never been our thing, it’s another trendy phrase that comes up often when discussing environmentally conscious clothing. The more you know, right?

That said, we’ve been in the clothing game for a while now, so we know what our customers love, hence why we’ve created a new line of effortless organic clothing for women with you in mind— welcome to the world of Ananta! 

Ananta is for the carefree, no-fuss, bohemian woman at heart. Ananta moves with you and photographs beautifully, making every moment enjoyable. Each piece is carefully crafted from sustainable fabrics and organic vegetable dye, to create one-of-a-kind organic tie dye garments.  

For the girl who loves the planet and wants to do better but doesn’t know how, Ananta is for you. Lyocell, specifically produced by the Tencel brand, is the super soft fabric of our choice, and it’s made from recycled plant materials using minimal energy. This eco-friendly fabric feels amazing on the skin, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and has moisture and temperature controlling properties to keep you looking and feeling your best. 

We know it’s important to feel good from the inside out, and it feels even better to create and sport clothing that is not at the expense of the environment. Just ask celebrities like Stella McCartney, Miranda Kerr, and Gwenyth Paltrow, who are all owners of sustainably conscious collections. Tencel production is way less toxic and significantly less wasteful than other popular materials, so you can see why it was a no-brainer for us to go with this Earth friendly fiber.


The lyocell materials used in our new Ananta Tencel clothing for women collection are biodegradable and a byproduct of themselves. Yes, that means our organic tie-dye dresses are made using renewable raw wood pulp that has been through an environmentally responsible production process and that the fibers are compostable causing zero harm to the environment.


Intended to be worn to the beach and beyond, our Ananta Tencel clothing keeps you feeling refreshed and stylish all day. From organic dresses to breathable swing tops, Ananta has you covered— literally. You’ll find rich muted hues in our new sustainable collection, coming in the forms of uniquely tie-dyed trapeze dresses, tunics with flutter sleeves, high-low midi dresses, maxi dresses, sleeveless tops, with more styles to be added. Our sustainably conscious clothing line is growing, so be sure to watch out for new additions to be incorporated like stylish Tencel clothing for plus sized women.

It’s 2020 and we’re so happy to have the chance to do our part and bring Tencel clothing brands like Ananta to the public! 

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